Move Over Heidi: Meet Germany’s Newest Cross-Eyed Celebrity, Frank, The Cross-Eyed Cat

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As long as the internet still loves cats, a new German star is about to emerge.

A German zoo hopes that their cross-eyed wild cat Frank, is the next Heidi, the cross-eyed opossum. Coincidentally, 14-year-old Frank (who’s variety’s known as an eyra or jaguarundi) lives at a zoo in Delitzsch, less than 25 kilometers (14 miles) away from Heidi in Leipzig. Anyone brainstorming a cross-eyed animals of Germany tour?

Another mark of distinction for Frank: he is the oldest jaguarundi living in Europe. Unfortunately, this record alone has not made him a break away star on its own.

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Although the zoo is yet to cash in on Frank, they are interested if anything were to come their way.  “We don’t have any offers from Hollywood yet and no cuddly toy manufacturers have asked yet either if they can produce a cross-eyed Frank,” said Katrin Ernst, head of the Delitzsch Zoo. “I don’t think we are going to get in any extra machinery for this but we are of course open to all enquiries and we will not be averse to someone getting in touch and wanting to perhaps, let’s say produce little chocolate eyras.”

While NewsFeed’s not sure Frank will reach Heidi’s Oscar level fame, we definitely think there is a place on the internet for a video like this one of the cross-eyed cat: