Rahm Emanuel Will Pay if Twitter Impersonator Reveals Identity

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@MayorEmanuel's Twitter photo. Image via Twitter.

C’mon, Rahm, just admit you think it’s funny. 

After former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel announced his mayoral run in Chicago, a hilarious, profanity-riddled Twitter feed with the handle @MayorEmanuel popped up and it’s been parodying the real Emanuel’s campaign ever since. (We’d share some of the choice tweets from the feed, but not one is TIME-appropriate so we’ll trust you to head over there on your own.)

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And now it appears that Emanuel would really like to know who exactly is impersonating him. “After the election, if that guy — or gal — comes forward I’ll donate $2500 to the charity of his choice,” Emanuel told a local radio station Tuesday. Also asked whether or not he found the fake Emanuel funny, real Emanuel said, “Are you kidding? This guy — or gal, whoever writes — has done a huge following and a lot of people say I just read your tweet and I say huh?”

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Perhaps Emanuel is just experiencing Twitter-envy. While @MayorEmanuel has more than 26,000 followers (as of Tuesday afternoon), the real Emanuel only has a paltry 7,500 followers.  (via The Hill)