Wait, Really? Jessica Simpson Has a Billion-Dollar Fashion Empire

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Confused that Chicken of the Sea is actually tuna? Yes. But dumb blonde she is not. (via NY Mag)

While critics have been teasing Jessica Simpson about everything from her intelligence to her style sense, the Texan singer has made a small fortune—about $750 million to be exact. And it has nothing to do with music, which is how Simpson first shot to fame more than 10 years ago.

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Simpson’s raked in her big earnings from her fashion empire, which began with shoes six years ago and now includes hats, bags and clothing. This year, she’ll add Ready-to-wear and career separates lines to her business, which is expected to boost her over the billion-dollar mark. Her earnings are on par with top designer Michael Kors. It’s safe to say Simpson is having the last laugh.

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