Royal Wedding Coverage Making You Sick? Here’s the Barf Bag

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Lydia Leith's Royal Wedding barf bag

Lydia Leith

For fans of Prince William and Kate Middleton, this might just make you throne up.

If you thought the royal wedding condoms was a cash-in too far, may we humbly present to you the “royal wedding sick bags,” which are the brainchild of British graphic designer Lydia Leith.

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Here’s the deal: the royal blue or pillar-box red barf bags show the happy couple on their engagement day, above the tag line, “Keep this handy on April 29, 2011.” Each one costs £3 ($4.85) which, we’re sure you’ll concur, is a little bit sick in its own right.

Leith caught up with the Huffington Post over email, revealing that, “The bags are just a bit of fun, a sort of antidote to the hysteria surrounding the wedding — I’m not an anti-monarchist in the slightest! It started out as a joke around the dinner table and I made them expecting to sell a handful to friends and family but it seems there is a much greater demand.”

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Unbelievably, a little over $40 million is expected to be made from royal-related memorabilia, despite the monarchy being most unhappy over the shameless souvenirs on sale. And while NewsFeed can’t really see the harm in peddling the likes of coins (you’ve gotta use money!), china (you’ve gotta eat!) and condoms (you’ve gotta be safe!), a barf bag’s merits aren’t quite as memorable (unless you’re Prince Harry, it’s 3am, and you’re stumbling out of a nightclub).