Creepy Cannibals: Bones Show Ancient Britons Ate the Dead, Used Skulls as Cups

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REUTERS/ Natural History Museum Media Team/Handout

It turns out the ancient Brits were not quite as dignified as modern-day ones.

According to researchers from London’s Natural History museum, 15,000-year-old skulls show signs that Britons of yore may have eaten their dead, then used skulls as drinking cups. The skulls evidently were cleaned and smoothed out to be ideal vessels for liquids.

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Though the use of skulls for drinking is not a new discovery, there’s no direct proof that these particular Brits used them for that purpose. The researchers say they could have also been used for rituals or as a tribute to the deceased. And if the dead were eaten, it could have been because no other food was available.

At 14,700 years old, these skull-cups are the oldest example of hollowed-out heads archaeologists have found. For a closer look, they will be displayed at the Natural History Museum in London starting March 1. (via Reuters)

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