Hallmark’s Prepaid Greeting Cards: Enough to Stop the E-Card Takeover?

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USPS is joining forces with Hallmark to make sending your best wishes easier. (via Techland)

More than 200 greeting cards will now come with prepaid envelopes. All you have to do is sign, seal and the U.S. Postal Service will deliver Hallmark’s your heartfelt note, according to the Washington Post. Prices range from $2.99 to $3.99 and will include the price of mailing it. Just like Forever Stamps, said postage will always equal the price of a first-class stamp.

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NewsFeed thinks this would be a great idea — if people still sent greeting cards. Thanks to the fact that everyone and their mom has an e-mail account, it’s much more convenient and cost-effective to send an e-card or a message.

Over at Techland, Allie Townsend argues that e-greetings take away the personal touch that comes from physically mailing something, but Hallmark and other holiday cards are already mass-produced. Writing a few lines of text, even if it’s on someone’s Facebook page, comes directly from you and not some employee. Unless you’re willing to bust out the crayons, markers, glue, glitter and paper to make your own creation — which NewsFeed doesn’t see you doing — you’re better off sending your acknowledgments online lest you forget to pick up a card. If the date slips by you, there’s an e-card you can send right away that will save more time than going to the store and picking up an “I’m Sorry I Forgot” card.

Hallmark and USPS are on the right track in thinking that they need to make sending out cards easier in this e-greeting era, but cards are outdated. Do you remember the last time you received or sent out one of those?

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