Google Doodle Shows Off Sculptures of Constantin Brancusi

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Google Homepage

Romania’s most famous sculptor gets Google’s top honors on his 135th birthday.

Brancusi is considered one of the fathers of modern art, using simple earthen materials like wood and stone to create elegant yet avant-garde designs. And just as the sculptor was a leader of the modernist movement, the doodle is designed with an air of abstraction.

The doodle shows off his most famous works, including his first major creation, “The Kiss” (far right), taking the form of two lovers in embrace. “Bird in Space” is displayed where the l would be, and “Sleeping Muse” appears as the golden disembodied head in place of the second o.

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Brancusi studied in Bucharest before moving to Paris to continue his craft, where he befriended other artistic greats. He counted Auguste Rodin and Pablo Picasso among his friends. He died in 1957 at age 81, leaving behind a legacy of 215 sculptures. His pieces routinely sell at auction at prices upwards of $20 million.

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