Watch NBA Rookie Blake Griffin Slam Dunk, 137 Times

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Through the first half of the 2010-2011 NBA season, L.A. Clippers rookie forward Blake Griffin is among the most noted among the league’s freshmen, so much so that he is the sole Clipper on this year’s All-Star Game roster. But his place on the Western Conference squad isn’t what’s really noticeable about him. It’s his dunking skills.

Likely the most talked-about contest slammer since Dwight Howard, he has rim jammed 137 rocks — and there’s talk about him being one of the NBA’s greatest at dunking. And the dude is only 22!

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Now NewsFeed is not biased and the skills of Griffin’s competitors during Saturday’s Sprite Slam Dunk contest, Serge Ibaka, Javale McGee, and DeMar Derozan are not to be taken lightly. But take a look at the video above, man!