Climate Confusion: Oklahoma Town Sees 100-Degree Temperature Shift in One Week

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A blustery blizzard hit Nowata a week ago, but by Thursday they were experiencing record highs (inset)


We all think our winter weather is crazy, but one Oklahoma town is truly confounded by Mother Nature’s frenzy.

Nowata, a tiny town in the northeast corner of Oklahoma, experienced a brutal snowstorm last Thursday that brought an unimaginable (and of course, record-breaking) low temperature of -31°F. Fast forward a week, and Nowata was seeing a summery 75°.

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In local news reports, residents seemed reluctant to discount Mother Nature’s fury even with the historic thaw. They were out on the golf courses and rescuing their cars from the winter grit and grime, but NewsFeed would have also expected the parks and pools to be packed.  Nowatans kept their cools, realizing that the weather could revert to the old winter standard just as quickly. “If you don’t like it, just stick around. It will change. And it does too,” said Nowata resident Junior Hicks.

The town may have gone from snowballs to swimsuits in just a week, but don’t be jealous of Nowata just yet. Meteorologists were even threatening late last week of a wildfire risk. Usually forecasters hope for rain to put out potential fires. If this winter is any precursor, Nowatans should hope for a snowstorm to help them out.

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