Online Fashion Competition Matches Project Runway With the Oscars

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For all those “What was she thinking?” moments at the Academy Awards, have you ever wished you could control the fashion you see onstage? Now you can.

At least for the award escorts, that is.

In an online competition that’s so much like Project Runway, we almost expected Heidi Klum to host it (instead we get Jay Manuel from America’s Next Top Model), nine up-and-coming fashion designers are competing to see their dress on-stage in this year’s Oscar Designer Challenge.

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Since NewsFeed is basically an expert in fashion, we decided to take a peek at all the dresses to determine which one we would like to see brushing up against all the beautiful people at the Oscars. (See the video of our number-one choice above, and the rankings below.)

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But don’t let us sway you. You can see a video of each dress, watch daily webisodes with Mr. Jay, and vote your fave designer-model pairing at until Monday, February 21.

1. Katelyn Bischof
(Model: Brianna)
This dress totally has Hollywood glamour written all over it. The style is simple, elegant and not at all boring. Plus, Brianna’s walk is definitely Oscar-appropriate.

2. Zoe Hong
(Model: Kalyn)
Besides its slinky black fabric, this dress is complemented with leather and beads. In the words of stylist Rachel Zoe, “We die.”

3. Angela Avanesyan
(Model: Paloma)
We love the asymmetrical lined pattern at the bottom of this dress, and the way it moves on Paloma is just beautiful.

4.Natalia Romano
(Model: Porsche)
The gathered fabric in the front is a little bit much, but the bear back is exactly the type of surprise you love to see onstage.

5. Miriam Cecilia Carlsson
(model: Mindy)
By using mica as a detail, Miriam was able give the dress the sparkle it needed, but the choice of fabric color was too bland for us.

6. Borris Powell
(Model: Izabela)
The one-shoulder style of this dress is definitely now, but the sparse feathers at the bottom look haphazard — like they’re hanging on by a thread, literally.

7. Octavio Carlin
(Model: Melinda)
We will give Octavio some points for the color, but this dress is so simple it’s forgettable.

8. Clay Sadler
(Model: Lisa)
While we wanted to like this white number, the dress is too long, and model Lisa almost trips as she turns at the end of the runway.

9. James De Colon
(Model: Tiffany)
Sorry James, but this dress is a little more VMAs than Oscars. The shiny fabric is gaudy and makes sweet Tiffany look like a dominatrix!