Snubbed: Sarah Ferguson Not Invited to the Royal Wedding

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An invitation card for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

John Stillwell/Pool/Reuters

The Duchess of York’s fall from grace may now be complete, as she’s not among the 1,900 guests to be invited to the wedding of the millennium.

The supposed snub caps a shocking 12 months for Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, who was infamously caught on tape trying to allegedly sell access to Andrew, to what proved to be an undercover reporter.  Ferguson has said that she’s “doing everything she can” to stave off bankruptcy, but she won’t be able to network at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding on April 29.

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Instead, the 51-year-old Ferguson said, via a spokesman, that “she never expected to be invited,” and, in any case, would have missed the big day due to “private plans overseas.” It’s also been reported that she was reluctant to attend alone, even though her daughters, and Prince William’s first cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie will be there, quite possibly in prime position at the front of Westminster Abbey.

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At least the pressure will now be off Fergie. Because just being part of the exclusive 1,900 invitees doesn’t mean you’ll see the entire wedding ,through. Only 600 guests have supposedly been asked to the reception immediately following the ceremony, and that number will subsequently be halved for the dinner hosted by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. Ferguson should find out if the Obamas are free on April 29, because they’re not expected to be attending the wedding either. (via New York Daily News)