Gamers, Get Your Lip Balm: Artist Creates Video Game Controlled by Kissing

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Here’s to kisses that truly bowl you over.

Artist Hye Yeon Nam has put her video game where her mouth is — literally — with the creation of a new bowling game that’s controlled only by passionate (and awkward) French kissing.

The Kiss Controller, as it’s so called, has two components: a headset that functions as a sensor receiver and a magnet that provides the sensor input. One user fixes the magnet to his or her tongue using Fixodent (ew!) and the other wears the headset positioned in front of the mouth. When the Frenching begins, the magnetic energy sparks, and voila! You’ve got game.

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To improve your bowling skills (but not necessarily your kissing skills), the user with the magnet simply attempts to guide the virtual ball so it stays in the center of the alley (read, point it toward her tonsils), and move the tongue faster to increase the ball’s speed.

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NewsFeed thinks this innovation sounds so very magical — just like a first kiss, only much stranger — but we’re not sure that being used as a video game prop is what girlfriends around the world mean when they ask their partners to pay attention to them instead of the PS3. (via Kotaku)