Hands Off the Girl Scout Cookies: Thin Mint Theft Leads to Alleged Roommate Assault

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Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? One Florida woman apparently knows the true cost of treat theft.

On Monday evening, Hersha Howard, 31, of Naples, Florida, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The deadly weapon? A pair of scissors. The reason for the attack? Howard’s roommate had nabbed her beloved Thin Mints.

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According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office report, Jasmin Wanke was sleeping soundly when her hungry roommate, Howard, burst in to her room accusing her of the theft. Wanke tried to reason with the raging Howard, telling her she had given the Thin Mints to her children, who were awake and hungry at 1 a.m. The biscuity battle continued until Wanke’s husband separated the pair, but Howard had other plans.

The Sheriff’s Office reports that she then chased Wanke down the stairs with a pair of scissors before abandoning them and picking up a board with which she struck Wanke, following her in to the kitchen. During this stage of the fight, Howard bit her roommate in the breast and then continued to hit her.

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Wanke reportedly tried to flee her attacker by running outside, but there was no getting away from an incensed Howard. Wanke allegedly picked up a sign and struck her already battered roommate with it several times.

The police were called and Howard was arrested, she is currently awaiting trial for the accused crimes. NewsFeed bets there won’t be Thin Mints in jail. (via Gawker)