Post-Valentine’s Day Blues? Cure Them With a Text-Message Boyfriend

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Beau Lark / Corbis

Every girl dreams of the day they have someone to call their own–oh, and to send them mushy text messages.

The Text Boyfriend service is simple and straightforward and shoots to the heart of the single lady’s dilemma; sometimes you don’t have the time/inclination for a real-life boyfriend but you still want to enjoy the perks of a doting partner. Well, you’re in luck because the Text Boyfriend frees you from the hassle of actual dating, while still offering you the cheesy lines–sent straight to your cell phone–that brighten your day.

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The service simply asks you to enter your name and number and then you’ll start receiving free and random love texts, such as this gem–“If you were a laser, you’d be set on ‘stunning.'”

What more could a girl ask for? After all, the most fulfilling part of a relationship is the ego boost. Oh, and making your friends jealous.

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