Smokers in Honduras, Beware: Your Family Can Report You for Lighting Up at Home

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Image by © Frank and Helena/cultura/Corbis

If you’re a smoker in Honduras and your family hates it, we have some bad news for you. (But good news for your lungs!)

A new law was enacted Monday that cracks down on the those who light up. Smoking is now banned in most public and private spaces, and while it’s still legal to smoke inside your home, family and guests have the right to file a formal complaint with the police if they don’t enjoy the secondhand smoke.

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A first-time complaint would lead to a warning for the smoker, and a repeat offense could lead to an arrest and a $311 fine.

According to the Associated Press, 30% of Hondurans smoke and 9 out of 10 people who suffer from acute bronchitis live with a smoker. But while these new provisions may seem like a good thing (at least to non-smokers), some say that complaints from family members will be tough to enforce in the high-crime country.

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Then again, considering how aggravating and dangerous secondhand smoke can be and how high the fine is, perhaps the new laws will make smokers think twice before lighting up around their loved ones. (via the Associated Press)