Domino’s Delivery Rescue: A Pizza a Day Saved A Woman’s Life

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Who would have thought ordering pizza everyday would benefit your health?

When Domino’s delivery person┬áSusan Guy noticed that one of her loyal customers, Jean Wilson, hadn’t ordered a pizza in three days, she started to worry. Wilson, an elderly woman living alone, had ordered a large pepperoni pizza everyday for the past three years.

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Guessing that something was wrong, Guy insisted in that she had to check on the customer. When there was no answer at Wilson’s door, Guy called the police who knocked down the door. Inside, they found an injured Wilson who had fallen and was unable to reach the telephone to call for help.

So essentially, ordering pizza everyday may have saved Wilson’s life.

It’s a bit like that saying, An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Except with pizza. And in this case it got her to the doctor. Okay, so maybe it’s not like that saying at all, but it’s still an amazing story. (via Gawker)