The Spy Who Legislated Me: Anna Chapman to Run for Russian Parliament

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As the accused (failed) spy turned sex symbol, Anna Chapman has become internationally known for her looks — which doesn’t exactly bode well for a return to espionage anytime soon. But luckily it looks like she has a fall-back career as a politician.

The Telegraph is reporting that Chapman has been selected as the next MP for Vladimir Putin’s ruling party,¬†United Russia, in the southern region called¬†Volgograd, an area where she was raised.

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So despite being slightly disgraced as a spy, Chapman, who turned 29 on Wednesday, seems to be bouncing back with more success than ever. She has also trademarked her name and is releasing line of products with her name on them. And now she’ll be a member of the most powerful party in Russia (which is a “de facto one-party state,” notes the Telegraph).

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It only makes sense considering the similar job requirements of both spies and politicians: both need to have a deceptive demeanor, be capable of behind the scenes maneuvering and have an uncanny ability to bounce back from failure. Seems right up Chapman’s alley. (via Telegraph)