Destined to Disco? What Christine O’Donnell Should Dance to on Dancing With The Stars

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Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Christine O’Donnell, the one-time candidate for Senate, has been asked to don her dancing shoes and tart up her tutu. Dancing with the Stars has given her the nod.

O’Donnell was at the forefront of the Tea Party movement in last year’s race for Delaware Senate. She failed to secure a seat, but seems to have become a celebrity in her own right.

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On her Facebook page on Monday, O’Donnell declared, “I just got the Official ‘Ask’ from Dancing with the Stars!!” She seemed unsure, writing, “my initial thought was to decline, as 2 year old nephew has more rhythm than me, and my two left feet!!” Hundreds of her Facebook fans were quick to reply, mostly with encouraging comments. She updated the page later that day, noting that her “book comes first.”

Although she says she is still undecided, it seems likely that O’Donnell will take to the dance floor for season 12 of the hit TV show. Last season saw Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, finishing third in the show and gaining a huge fan following of her own. Maybe O’Donnell will follow in the Republican sisterhood’s dancing footsteps and waltz her way to further stardom.

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O’Donnell’s campaign was mired in rumors that she’d dabbled in witchcraft in her younger years, to which she responded “I am not a witch” in a campaign ad. Perhaps they’ll get her dancing to “Black Magic Woman?” Our other choices include the red-state “Lady in Red” and “She’s a Maniac,” dedicated to those who called her crazy during the campaign. (via Daily Mail)