Creepy eBay Auction: You Can Now Bid On Justin Bieber’s Hair

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Chris Polk / Getty Images (Via

Someone really wants to own some of Justin Bieber’s DNA.

When Bieber visited Ellen Degeneres’ show recently, he offered her a little piece of himself–his prized hair, which he recently lopped off.

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It’s not quite as creepy as it sounds though, as Bieber asked Ellen to donate the hair to a charity of her choice and Ellen then put the locks up for auction on her eBay page.

But this is where the story comes full circle and lands back at creepy. As of Thursday morning, the hair had already received 59 bids and had reached a bidding price of almost $7000. Someone really wants to be the owner of Bieber’s hair.

Here’s the thing: There is no doubt that Justin Bieber has a huge, often obsessive, following. But that following is made up of teenage girls. Teenage girls do not have this kind of disposable income and we are very doubtful that anyone’s parents are willing to drop that kind of cash on weird memorabilia that will only foster their daughter’s celeb crush du jour.

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So who is bidding on this hair? Since eBay keeps bidder’s information private there isn’t really any way to tell who it is that wants Bieber’s hair, let alone why they want it. ¬†We’re basically forced to conclude that it’s someone who has the money and science-y know-how to clone Justin Bieber. See what we mean? Creepy. (via Gawker)