Snooki Goes to Wonderland in Illustrated Take on Alice

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Watching Jersey Shore on Thursday nights is a little like taking a trip down the rabbit hole. So it’s fitting then, to see the guidos and guidettes inside Alice’s Wonderland.

In writer-illustrator Phil Edwards’ Snooki in Wonderland, like in the original tale, Snooki (as Alice) prances about carrying a pink flamingo. But in this version, the way-less-innocent guidette Alice drinks a lot, takes an inconclusive breathalyzer test (we’re just going to go ahead and say she was drunk) and gets her pouf chopped off by the queen, Sammi Sweetheart.

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The Snooki storyline is all well and good, but NewsFeed especially likes how the book — which is available for download on Amazon for $1 — makes fun of the guidos.

In one page The Situation is depicted as the Mad Hatter. (How fitting.) The narration reads, “The Situation talked for hours in strange and cryptic sentences using words that made little sense.”

Brilliant. But our absolute favorite characterization is of Vinny as the Cheshire Cat. “Vinny seemed to appear at random and disappear whenever anything interesting happened,” the book says. We miss Vinny circa season one, too.

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