Things We Wish Didn’t Exist: Breast Milk Ice Cream Now Available

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Via Getty Images

Could this ice cream have been made with breast milk?

Sure, we like variety when it comes to our ice cream flavors. But was this really necessary?

The Daily Mail reports that an ice cream parlor in London, Icecreamists in Covent Garden,  is now offering ice cream made from human breast milk. A bowl of the Baby Gaga ice cream will set you back £14, or about $22.

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They women who provide the key ingredient are being paid for their donations–£15 for every 10 ounces–which they extract with a breast pump. For health reasons, the women must first provide a blood sample for screening in order prevent the spread of disease. Nothing quite screams “confectionary treat” like a blood test, right?

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Sure, you could argue that ice cream needs milk and whether it’s from a human or a cow, why should it matter where that milk comes from? But as Gizmodo quite rightly points out, wouldn’t this breast milk be put to better use if it were donated to children’s hospitals so it could benefit those who need it? As in, babies. (via Daily Mail)