Reading While Eating for February 25: Magnetic Boy, Buggy Accident, Hedgehog Sniffles

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Tunisians hold Tunisian and Kingdom of Libya flags during an anti-Gaddafi protest at the Tunisian Libyan border crossing of Ras Jdir February 24, 2011.

REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Friday’s links include a historic blast-off and some tricky “who said its.”

Human Robot: A Serbian boy is making headlines because he appears to be magnetic. Metal objects actually stick to him. (Discovery News)

Recession Bites: A beauty queen and former Miss Colorado USA 2006 lost her home. Just goes to show, even a tiara won’t help in this economy. (ABC News)

Buggy Down: Three Amish children died when their buggy flipped in a flooded creek. Authorities are still searching for a missing child. (CBS News)

Off the Air: Want to take the fast track to ending your career in showbiz? Take some lessons out of Charlie Sheen’s book. CBS pulled the plug on Two and a Half Men following his, um, questionable behavior.

Who Said It: Ever confuse things Mel Gibson said with things Muammar Gaddafi said? Test your ability to ID their memorable sayings. (Daily Autocrat)

Final Mission: The Discovery Space Shuttle took off for its final mission from Cape Canaveral, Fl. Thursday. See its last blast-off. (LIFE)

Must See: Ever been sneezed on by a hedgehog? There’s a first time for everything.