James Van Der Beek, Unicorns and Cheese: Is Ke$ha’s ‘Blow’ The Most Random Video of All Time?

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Ke$ha performs in London on December 14, 2010.

Neil Lupin / Redferns

She may have just out-weirded Gaga with this one.

Sure, most people refer to Ke$ha as the poor-man’s Gaga, but has the pop-star surpassed the reigning Queen of Random? Perhaps.

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Let’s break it down: Lady Gaga’s latest notables include a ride in an egg, a questionably original new single and an interview with Anderson Cooper.

Ke$ha on the other hand, has made the Glee kids sick and has now killed James Van Der Beek.

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It looks like February is Ke$ha’s by a landslide. (via EW.com)