Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this Way’ Video: In Case You Forgot, Gaga’s Still Weird

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It was just this past weekend that NewsFeed wondered if Lady Gaga had lost her knack for shocking us. Then, showing us just how wrong we were to doubt her, she debuts her video for her newest single “Born This Way” and we must admit that Gaga is still so very, very strange.

Seriously, where do we begin on this one? From the moment this seven-minute-and-a-bit-long video clip starts we’re bombarded with unprecedented levels of bizarre. The video opens with a  “Manifesto of Mother Monster”–as Gaga calls herself, with her fans being “monsters”–where a Gaga voiceover tells the tale of the birth of good and evil. Or something. Frankly, it’s hard to follow her story because at the same time that she’s narrating it, we’re witnessing what appears to be a gooey, kaleidoscopic alien birth, before we’re plunged into the depths of hell. (A Lady Gaga-imagined hell, no less).

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By the time the actual music starts–which is about 57 instances of vaginal and phallic imagery later–we’ve pretty much forgotten how much of rip off of Madonna’s earlier sound the song seemed, just a week ago. Now that it’s paired with this insane video, all we can think about it how, um, different Lady Gaga is. (We’re putting it mildly).

Seriously, we haven’t even mentioned the alien shoulders, the skeleton makeup, or the bodies writhing on the ground.