Pricey Prom: Philadelphia Shop Sells $14,000 Prom Dress

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The $14,000 prom dress

La Femme Fashions

With spring nearly upon us that can only mean one thing for teenage girls—the hunt for the ultimate prom dress. 

But for young ladies truly looking to stand out on their prom night, here’s a dress that might take your breath away — because of the price tag.  For only $14,000, you too can be the proud owner this classic silver sequined strapless gown dripping with real diamonds. One might presume it’s creation of Dior or Valentino, but it turns out the maker is Dress Goddess, a little known Philadelphia-based shop.

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And as for the reaction so far, Company President Jon Liney tells TIME that they’ve already had two orders for the dress. “I don’t think that the two orders are prom dress customers, but they are looking for something truly unique. Victoria’s Secret has their $2 million [bra], we have our $14,000 dress.”

Stunning, or simply tacky? NewsFeed can’t quite seem to decide. But at least it’s better than resembling a meringue shaped Pepto-Bismol colored dress often sported on prom night.

And for those who don’t have a spare $14,000 lying around, why not opt for the $398 knock off? Like all good fakes, you can’t really tell the difference, especially since it was the inspiration for the diamond encrusted dress in the first place.

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