Unveiled: Meet The Mind Behind Twitter Impersonator @MayorEmanuel

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Dan Sinker, the mastermind behind Rahm Emanuel's Twitter impersonator

Daniel X. O'Neil / Flickr

Now that the real-life Rahm has been elected the Second City’s new mayor, the irreverent faker @MayorEmanuel’s work is done. But what made Dan Sinker’s political commentary so poignant and gripping during the election run-up?

Playing off the mayor-elect’s frequent rants – Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said America could pay for the economic stimulus if we “put a quarter in a jar every time Rahm uses a swear word” – Dan Sinker’s now-legendary Twitter feed began as a sounding board to journalists and other politicos to hypothesize what the real Emanuel would say to them.

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But no one could predict that it would turn into a veritable dramedy of the underbelly of Chicago politics, spinning a complex narrative of campaigning and politicking. Now Sinker is taking a much-needed break from the tireless portrayal of Emanuel, choosing to step out from behind the keyboard for an interview with The Atlantic.

By day, Sinker is a journalism professor at Columbia College in downtown Chicago. But his past is speckled with all the makings of an off-color political impersonator. He founded the edgy (and now defunct) Punk Planet magazine in 1994 and started a mobile-only storytelling site in 2009. And he’s a Chicagoan through and through. All the pieces add up to create one super fake Rahm. But here’s the clincher: “I was never really making fun of the guy,” he says outright. “I was making fun with the guy.”

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In the midst of campaign season, he heartily laughed in the face of journalists who begged him to reveal his identity – with the requisite profanity-laced tweets, of course. Rahm himself even famously pleaded with the parodist to show his face, offering a hefty charitable donation if the man behind the madness were to emerge. Needless to say, Sinker declined.

Though it is a surprise he managed to evade being outed for the duration of the campaign. The Atlantic reports his Twitter secret was known “only by his wife, a small circle of friends, and one Chicago Public Schools teacher” who managed to trace a posted link back to Sinker.

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Sinker’s epic saga brought out recurring characters like political consulting guru David Axelrod and Carl the Intern, following the daily minutia with a touch of crass. In an era where Washington is seen as out-of-touch with average Americans, Sinker’s tales lent a dose of vulgarity to the idealistic political world – and who better to lampoon than the macho man with the loud mouth, referred to as “Rahmbo.”

This leaves NewsFeed wondering: now that Rahm is indeed “Mayor Emanuel,” perhaps he’ll take control of the eponymous Twitter feed? Though a word of caution: he has big shoes to fill.