Want to Grow Your Own Bud? Head to California’s ‘Wal-Mart of Weed’

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Cavan Images, LLC/Getty Images

Pot-enthusiasts, rejoice: Sacramento’s new weed-centric megamall is open for business.

The 10,000 square foot retail space in California will cater to all your weed-growing needs — that is, minus the happy herb itself. According to the Sacramento Bee, the weGrow marijuana emporium will cater primarily to the medical marijuana crowd, selling everything from hydroponic growing equipment to “Kushie Kush” and “Big Bud” plant nutrients. The store will also offer classes on cultivating the crop.

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Whipping up omelets for the crowd at the opening was Frederick H. Nesbitt III, the executive chef of CannabisCatering.com, a business specializing in marijuana dishes. Although he didn’t add any extra spices, we can’t say his patrons might not have added a kick of their own. While some dropped $1, $5 bills in his tip jar, others left the chef some buds.

weGrow has plans to expand to New Jersey, Colorado, Oregon, and Arizona. Customers will have to show a physician’s recommendation before staff will guide them on equipment purchases.