The Riverdale Gang Goes Dark: Trailer for Archie Spoof Is Bleak

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Think you know Archie and his pals? Hold on to your hats!


A new trailer/spoof from Point Blank Creative and Cross Eyed Bear Comedy may surprise fans of the wholesome 1940s comic book. No longer the after-school special of yore, our friends from Riverdale High have grown up and morphed into something darker. Sex, drugs, and maniacal intrigue now come standard at the famous, fictional school.

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The trailer, released Feb. 22, can’t seem to decide if it’s a spoof, or simply a darker take on a classic. But considering the budget ($3,500) and the cast (Craigslist volunteers), NewsFeed gives it at least one thumb up.

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No word, yet, if anyone will turn it into a feature film. But with comic-book revivals looking like Hollywood’s latest sweetheart, we wouldn’t be surprised if the gang makes a comeback. (via Urlesque)