Well, That Was Fast: Health Officials Stop Sales of Breast Milk Ice Cream

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Andrew Unangst/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

They’ll be no more milk from mommy for customers of The Icecreamists, after local government officials confiscated ice cream made from human breast milk.

The action came on Monday, when representatives of Westminster City Council removed the offending dairy products from the central London store. The infamous “Baby Gaga” ice cream was launched last week amid a flurry of press attention.

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But it seems not everyone was enraptured by the discovery. A number of complaints arrived at the City Council’s door questioning the sale of edibles made from bodily fluids, and the myriad health hazards this could entail. It was these complaints that prompted the confiscation of the ice cream.

Officials from the Council said that the product is now being thoroughly tested with full cooperation from the producers, The Icecreamists. Although the company insists that the milk was screened in line with blood donor requirements before it was processed,  this further testing and guidance from the UK’s Food Standards Agency will be needed before it can be put back on the market.

The daring dessert is lightly flavored with lemon zest and vanilla pods and is served in a martini glass, to whichever brave customer is willing, and eager to fork out £14 ($22.50) for their taste of the trend. The ice cream sold out as soon as it launched on Friday, but further production is in the pipeline, with more women coming forward offering to donate milk. The first batch was sourced from women, paid by the company, who had responded to an online ad calling for their breast milk.

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Matt O’Connor, founder of The Icecreamists said that “As far as we are aware there is no law prohibiting a business from selling breast milk ice cream,” and that the company had had a “huge response” to the new product line. The company’s website proclaims them to be “Agents of Cool” who are “liberating the world one lick at a time.” But it looks like the world might need a bit more time to come round to the idea of ‘breast milk’ ice cream. (Via Yahoo News)

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