Justin Bieber’s Auctioned Hair Sells for Over $40,000 Online

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What is it with this kid? Even Justin Bieber’s shorn, leftover hair is a money maker. 

It was huge news when Bieber cut his hair. It was also big news when he gave his hair clippings to Ellen Degeneres when he was a guest on her show, asking her to donate the hair to a charity of her choice. Degeneres then put the locks up for auction on her eBay page and bids started pouring in.

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Well now the auction has ended and the winning bidder will fork over $40,668. That’s right, someone is paying tens of thousands of dollars for a 17-year-old pop stars cast off hair. Don’t get us wrong, NewsFeed like Bieber, but $40,000 can buy you a lot of great stuff. Like 100 iPads, for example.

At least the money is being donated to charity; Degeneres is donating the cash the animal rescue organization The Gentle Barn Foundation. (via Hollywood Reporter)