Conservative America’s Last Wishes: Hold the Flowers, Fund the Anti-Obama Campaign

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Anti Obama Obituary

From Arizona to Connecticut, there’s a new trend emerging among conservatives in America. Families of deceased Republicans are asking friends to fund Obama’s opposition in 2012 instead of sending flowers, reports Salon.

Although the first recorded anti-Obama obituary popped up in August 2010 in retired fighter pilot’s death notice in Florida, it only became a widespread hit a month later when a Georgia businessman attracted attention by equating Obama with cancer in his obituary: “donations sent to the American Cancer Society, or to the campaign of anybody who is running against President Barack Obama in 2012″.

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A local news report gives the full account of his mourning family explaining how the idea came about in the first place. NewsFeed’s favorite bit? When the daughter tells how he wasn’t really an Obama fan.

As the election nears, don’t be surprised if Anti-Obama campaigning starts to appear on tombstones. It’s only the way conservative America would want to go: political influence beyond the grave.