Holly Holliday Returns: Gwyneth Paltrow to Appear in a Third Episode of Glee

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REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Actress, singer, half of a celebrity couple, author of aspirational family newsletter and guest star yet again on Glee. Why doesn’t Gwyneth Paltrow do us all a favor and announce her intention to run for President in 2012 while she’s at it?

NewsFeed jests, of course, because we love. But La Paltrow truly is doing her level best to make the most of the 24 hours our planet offers. Not content with making a cameo appearance last year in her pal Ryan Murphy’s hit show Glee, Gwyneth is reprising her role as the substitute teacher of our dreams, Holly Holliday, on next week’s episode.

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In case you care, she’ll be subbing for the sex ed teacher, which just might be the most exciting event to hit McKinley High since Sue Sylvester put down Will Schuester with one of her vicious barbs (did you catch that episode?). But now news reaches us via our sister publication, EW, that Paltrow is already filming a third installment. We live in the age of Gwyneth, n’est-ce pas?

What’s on tap for what’s sure to be a seminal hour in broadcasting? The rumor sweeping the school playground that is the Internet is that Holly and Will are, like, totally going to hook up (warning: the use of singing to woo one another should be expected!). But there’s more. As actor Matthew Morrison warns the world, “I find out the Glee club is having a lot of sex and they’re not really informed as to what’s going on. Holly and I come up with an idea to teach them through song about the dangers of sex.”

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You know what? The Morrison/Paltrow safe-sex speech (through song!) might just be the most effective form of contraception yet. Stay tuned.