Internet PSA: ‘Jenni J-Woww’ is One of The Most Dangerous Search Terms on the Internet

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Jenni "JWoWW" Farley. Getty Images.

One of Jersey Shore‘s feistiest cast members (have you seen her left hook?), Jenni “Jwoww” Farley is now apparently just as destructive on the internet.

An annual security report conducted by research firm Barracuda Labs has found that “Jenni J-Woww” is one of the Internet’s most dangerous search terms. Fast Company reports that of “the top searches that led directly to malware, ‘Jenni J-Woww’ ranked second, behind only queries for ‘music video.'”

(More on Snooki Goes to Wonderland in a new book)

Of all the searches that led to dangerous software and viruses, a whopping 15% were for Farley.

Although we’re less surprised that people searching Jwoww were led to viruses than we are that people were even searching her name in the first place.

Just kidding! We’d take Jenni over Sammi anyday. Please don’t hit us, Jwoww.  (via Fast Company)