Is an NFL Lockout Imminent? Players, Owners Agree to 24-Hour Extension on Talks

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Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

As a midnight deadline for a collective bargaining agreement comes closer by the minute, the NFL and the union representing its players have decided to extend the deadline for at least 24 more hours, Sports Illustrated reported Thursday on its website.

The league sent out its proposal Thursday morning prior to the 10th negotiating session with the NFL Players Association. A work stoppage – which would be the first since 1987 — was, for now postponed.

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The union had planned to decertify by 4 p.m. without a new agreement. Owners would then begin a lockout at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

According to, the league came to Thursday’s negotiations ready to release more financial information, as per the union’s request for data on expenses and revenue, which is the main sticking point. The question of how much team owners should get initially to cover particular costs. Previously, owners received $1 billion, but wanted to add another $1 billion. “I never have expectations, except to have A, B, C, D and E, and to always plan for F,” Indianapolis Colts owner Jimmy Irsay said on the league’s website.

But Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints quarterback and NFLPA executive committee member, tweeted Wednesday on the players’ earnestness. “We the NFL Players are in DC ready to get a deal done, just in case anyone wants to know.”

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