The Beauty Myth: New Camera Adds Make-up and Fixes Flaws

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Getty Images.

Move Over Photoshop! Reuters reports the image-gurus at Panasonic Corp have come up with a camera that will make your face smaller, eyes bigger and even apply makeup.

The tech-giant hopes to cash in on the explosion of social networking worldwide with their latest invention, catering to the social-network savvy and blog connected who also want to look good.

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The Lumix FX77, which went on sale in Japan last week, will also get rid of the usual pesky beauty problems people face: brightening yellow teeth, clearing up spotty skin and removing dark circles.

It will even add blush and eye shadow to the image, because everyone knows the secret to beauty is more make-up.

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So if your friends suddenly start looking oh so fine, even through one of their all-night benders, you know why. (via Reuters)