Cashing In on Will and Kate: Official Royal Wedding Coin Costs Twice Its Value

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The Royal Mint's latest Royal Wedding coin

The Royal Mint/Handout/Reuters

Is this a case of literally cashing in on Royal Wedding fever?

Britain’s Royal Mint has unveiled its official coin to commemorate the April 29th wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. The £5 ($8.14) coin will become legal tender on March 16 but here’s the interesting thing: it will set you back twice that amount to buy one. The £9.99 ($16.25) cost surely means that they won’t actually be spent, unless you wanted to be really flash with your cash.

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“Public interest in this great event is already huge, and building every day, so we are anticipating massive demand for these official commemorative coins,” the Royal Mint said on its website. NewsFeed searched long and hard for the Mint writing a pun based on “making a Mint” out of the British public but we couldn’t see it.

Speaking of seeing, the coin shows the happy couple in profile and was signed off by William, Queen Elizabeth and the government. Some snarky comments have pointed out that it shows the Prince’s bald spot but, then again, last December’s official royal engagement coin made unwanted headlines from suggestions that it portrayed Middleton in an unflattering light.

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For the record, this latest coin was designed by Mark Richards, a Fellow at the Royal Society of British Sculptors. And if we may, because there’s clearly a market in fleecing the public, celebrating what’s sure to be a wonderful wedding, NewsFeed is beyond excited for the Royal Mint to bring out the, “Just Four Weeks to Go!”, “Get Excited!” and “I’m Camped Out in Front of My TV and Ain’t Moving” coins over the next few weeks. The Royal Wedding truly is the gift that keeps on giving. (via Reuters)