The World’s Most Typical Person is a 28-Year-Old Chinese Man

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National Geographic

Does this guy look familiar to you? If so, there’s a reason to it: it’s the most common face type on the planet.

National Geographic just released a multimedia effort called “Seven Billion”, aimed at looking at “the human being” now that there are, well, seven billion of those cavorting around the planet. The findings are fascinating: it came to the conclusion that the most common face on the planet looks an awful lot like the gentleman depicted above. He’s a guy, he’s Han Chinese, he is 28 years old and there are 8,999,999 others out there that look a lot like him.

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The image on the left is a composite created by merging pictures of 190.000 men that the Chinese Academy of Sciences collected over the course of a decade of individuals who fit that description. The image on the right, which is used to illustrate an interactive applet with a number of other interesting information on the homo sapiens at the peak of its geographical expansion, is a work done by artist Joe Lertola, which used 7000 small human figures, each representing a million people, to reproduce the image of the most common human face.

China also leads the pack on giving humanity the most commonly spoken language (Mandarin) and nationality (Chinese). (Via Yahoo News)