Family Auctions Off Boulder That Landed in Living Room After New Zealand Quake

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Affectionately named “Rocky,” the boulder has become a veritable part of the Johnsons’ home. But now they want it gone – to the highest bidder.

It’s all about branding, isn’t it? Touting the 25-ton boulder as a “landscape rock” and giving him the persona “Rocky,” Phil Johnson has seen the bids roll in on a New Zealand auction site. With all the proceeds going to charity, Johnson has uncovered a bit of humor in the rubble.

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After the earthquake, “Rocky” dislodged himself from a nearby cliff and rolled down a hill, coming to rest in the middle of their home. Seeing no injuries aside from their garage ceiling, the family began the cleanup process. But where do you put a 50,000-pound rock? On the Internet, of course.

Since he posted the auction last week, Johnson has been busy fielding questions about their uninvited guest. Many commenters have left words of praise for his endeavor, and interested bidders have inquired about Rocky’s personality to see if he’d fit in their home. Johnson notes Rocky is a Rolling Stones fan and has a love for Sylvester Stallone films, particularly the one that shares his name.

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The auction ended late Sunday Eastern time. The winning bidder put down NZ$10,500 ($7,400) for the sure-to-be-famous Rocky.