Sneaks for Geeks? Show Off Your Favorite Social Media on Your Shoes

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Firefox and Twitter basketball shoes.

TheNextWeb/Brass Monki

Has our love for technology become a fashion trend?

Shoe designer Brass Monki splays everything from Mario to Bob Marley on his custom kicks. His latest endeavor: bringing the best of the Internet to your shoes.

These Nike basketball shoes will prove to the other guys on the court that you’re more than just raw dunking power – you also spend hours a day watching cat videos on the Internet (who doesn’t?) and clue them in that you’re probably Tweeting your every dunk and dribble.

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Adidas also sparked rumors last year that they would release their own line of Facebook and Twitter-inspired sneakers. At least they’re keeping to the current trends. You’ll know this fashion craze has jumped the shark when someone releases a Myspace hoodie – or Friendster track jacket.