Floating House From Up Recreated. Talking Dogs Yet To Be Found

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National Geographic

Did you dislike Up because you couldn’t get over the “unrealistic” fact that a house tied to a bunch of balloons could float away? You can be quiet now. National Geographic managed to lift a real life replica of the Pixar house for their TV show How Hard Can It Be? using only helium balloon power.

Executive producer of How Hard Can It Be? Ben Bowie admitted it would be hard for a real house – furniture, people and all – to float away. Instead, producer Ian White explained they made a lightweight house, found a few brave people willing to go on board and let the modified home sail the skies. No word if an annoying yet lovable chubby Asian boy scout managed to sneak on board.

The 16′ x 16′ x 18′ house only needed 300 balloons, each filled with an entire tank of helium, to take off. Each weather balloon measured eight feet tall, so Carl’s balloon-animal-making talents probably wouldn’t be sufficient enough to take his house to the other side of the world.

Next stop: Paradise Falls. (via ABC)

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