It Gets Worse for Spider-Man: Musical Hit by Federal Fines

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At this point, a proposed fine of $12,600 for safety violations is small potatoes, when you’ve burnt your way through some $65 million.

It goes from bad to (ahem) verse for the already infamous Broadway musical, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Not content with one mishap after another, and an opening date that has been postponed five times, the production has been hit by three workplace safety violations.

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To wit: cast members getting hurt (most notably actor Christopher Tierney’s broken ribs and a hairline skull fracture from falling), unguarded “open-side floors” lacking the appropriate fall protection, and not enough being done to guard the crew from being hit by “moving overhead rigging components.”

The production company, 8 Legged Productions L.L.C., has the right to challenge the citations and spokesman Rick Miramontez, maintained that the show “remains in compliance with all government agencies and continues to adhere to all safety protocols.”

Rumors that one line of defense is that everyone involved in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was meant to have used spidey sense to protect themselves from danger could not be confirmed. (via NY Times)

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