Slumdog Millionaire Child Star Rubina Ali Loses Home in Mumbai Fire

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Rubina Ali, right, who acted as young Latika in the oscar-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire", sits with her family amid the ruins of the Gharib Nagar slum in Mumbai March 5, 2011 (REUTERS / Danish Siddiqui)

Rubina Ali, who played young Latika in the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire, lost her home Friday as a fire swept through her Mumbai home.

She was only able to save a handful of things from the fire – she was unable to rescue awards remaining from the movie and cherished mementos. “There was fire everywhere, there was so much chaos, my house was completely burned down, the whole slum was burned down,” she told CNN.

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The family is currently staying in a temporary shelter, and is planning to move to a new home next month.  The home, which is provided by a trust that director Danny Boyle set up, was still waiting to have the water and electricity installed.

Rubina and her family had still been living in the slums when the fire broke out.

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