Thrifty Thief: Man Bags $238,000 By Climbing Through Airplane Bathroom

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Daniel Acker / Bloomberg / Getty

NewsFeed supposes it’s determination if you’re willing to spend a little bit of time in a stinky, nauseating and sometimes claustrophobic airplane bathroom to get to nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

A rather entrepreneurial thief stole $238,000 in cash from the airplane hold by digging his way through the plane bathroom to the cargo.

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About $1.6 million in cash was placed in the hold of the Saint Martin-bound flight from Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. When the Air Antilles plane reached its destination, a guard realized that some of the cash was missing.

As a cover-up for his real motives, the thief spent most of his time in the bathroom, claiming to feel sick. Officials later discovered that he was really, in fact, busy pulling down panels in order to reach the cargo hold.

The passenger later managed to get away without being searched – going so far as to unsuccessfully ask a flight attendant to call an ambulance upon arrival. His travel companion has been questioned, but it is unclear to as to where he escaped.

Given the plane’s tropical destination, it’s probably not the worst place to enjoy the money, to say the least – if he didn’t get caught.

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