Way To Make a Statement: Ukrainian Feminists Protest ‘Win a Wife’ Contest By Going Topless

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Activists of Ukrainian feministic movement FEMEN.

NewsFeed doesn’t know what’s more bizarre: the minds behind this contest, or the ladies who are giving skeevy men more reason to want to visit their country.

“Win a Trip To Beautiful Ukraine for 12 Nights and Meet Eastern European Hot Lady Who Maybe One Day You Marry,” is the tag-line for a New Zealand radio station’s controversial contest.

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The Rock FM station branded as “Bands, Babes, Balls, ‘n’ Bull, recently announced the winner of the contest, drawing the ire of Ukraine’s topless feminist group FEMEN.

To protest the imminent arrival of  “Greg the Winemaker,” nine bare-breasted and scantily clad members of FEMEN marched to Ukraine’s Marriage Palace in the capital, Kiev.

“FEMEN warns the lucky winner of the New Zealand competition that he can expect an unhappy ending in Ukraine,” say the feisty femmes fatales. “Ukraine is not a brothel and Ukrainian women are not prostitutes.” See video of the protests here. (Via AOL News)