Weekend Wrap-up: Libya’s Cautious Warriors and Sheen’s Cheesy Webcast

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Ray Kachatorian / Getty

Welcome back, NewsFeeders! Grab that big mug of coffee – we know Mondays don’t come easy.  And read on to catch up on the necessary news from the past few days.

While you were out partying for Mardi Gras (or maybe just relaxing around the house), NewsFeed was tuned in to the latest happenings. And we’re good sports, so of course we’ll share. Here’s what you missed:

Violent Clashes Escalate in Libya: Protesters fought back against government forces in many cities along the country’s Mediterranean coast in what many are now calling a veritable civil war. As Gaddafi loyalists struggle to contain the uprising, opposition forces are sweeping along the coast toward Tripoli in the west. Protesters have secured Benghazi in their favor, and Brega and Ras Lanuf are their latest conquests.

But continuing along on the road to Tripoli has proven dangerous – and deadly – with Gaddafi forces cutting down the opposition with arms from the ground and the air. Particularly fierce was the battle in Zawiyah, just 27 miles west of Tripoli, where security forces inflicted heavy casualties on the uprising, leading to dozens of casualties. Though our reporters on the ground in Tripoli report the city to be firmly in Gaddafi’s hands. (via TIME, BBC, Al Jazeera)

Louisiana Town Leveled by Tornado: More than 1,500 people are displaced after a suspected tornado tore through Rayne, La. on Saturday. The twister is also being blamed for one death and 12 injuries in the small town 70 miles west of Baton Rouge.  A 21-year-old mother was killed when a tree crashed down on her house during winds of up to 135 mph. (via CNN)

Charlie Sheen Launches Online Webcast: Is he still winning? Many would say yes, seeing as more than 100,000 people tuned in to Charlie’s inaugural stream Saturday evening. Called “Charlie’s Korner,” it starred Charlie and featured one goddess, Natalie (Rachel was mysteriously “out of town”) and a handful of Charlie’s friends. The shining moment was the unveiling of Sheen’s new tattoo on his wrist – the very apropos word: “WINNING.”

NewsFeed is proud to say we didn’t sit through the whole thing. We hear it was capped off by flatulence noises. Not winning, for sure. But if you’d like to suffer through the “sheen-aningans”, catch the replay.

Monday Must-ReadPsychiatrists Turn to Drugs Instead: Talk ain’t cheap, but drugs are even more lucrative in this business. The issue stems from docs playing insurance games, and the ones that are unable to get proper compensation are turning to the prescription pad instead of that comfy chair and shoulder to cry on. It’s quicker and easier for the shrinks, sure, but where’s the help in that? (via New York Times)

In Case You Missed It On NewsFeed: Flying these days is one big game of “gotcha.” Air travelers face fees for everything from checking bags to in-flight food. But Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned this week that when fliers bring their bags on-board instead of checking them is actually costing us more money. Wait, what? Well, with more luggage going through security instead, more TSA workers are required to scan those bags. Can we win here at all? (via NewsFeed)

Viral Video: Cute cats make any Monday just a little bit brighter. Here’s a kitten in a tiny hat. Scout Jr. is proud of his style. But like a typical mother, Speedo shows her disapproval of her son’s fashion choice.