Reading While Eating for March 8: Chocolate Price Scare, Kids Eat Cartoons, Royal Wedding Guest List

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Tibetans attend New Year or "Losar" celebrations at a monastery in Kathmandu

REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar

Fat Tuesday’s links include a baby in the overhead bin and a 25-year-old grandmother.

Sophisticated Kiddy Palettes: Who knew? Kids like cartoons. And they like to eat anything with animated creatures on the box.

Royal Invitees: Did you receive an invite to the royal wedding? NewsFeed didn’t either. But take a look at the star-studded guest list. (LIFE)

Older Than Bieber: All of these things are older than Justin Bieber. Do you remember life before….all of them? Ages you a bit, don’t it? (Urlesque)

World’s Youngest Grandma: A 25-year-old Ukrainian woman believes she is the world’s youngest grandmother. She and her daughter both gave birth by the time they were twelve. (The Sun)

Barbie’s Dreamhouse Crumbles: Looks like plastic dolls are victims of the recession too. Matel’s $30 million Shanghai mega-store is forced to shut down its pink paradise.

Chocoholics, Beware: We’ve seen gas prices rise due to conflicts in the Middle East, but you’ll never believe what’s next. Chocolate prices may be on the rise due to conflict in the Ivory Coast. (CBS News)

Travel Torture: A Virgin Blue flight attendant was fired after she tried to stow a baby in the overhead bin. And here we thought people were carrying on too much luggage, making overhead bins too full. (Consumerist)

Must See: We wish we could do this at home. This surfer accomplishes the first ever kick flip on a surf board caught on camera. (Daily What)