Want The Youthful Look of a Twilight Star? ‘Vampire Face-Lifts’ Are Out There

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Getty Images.

Who knew that all this time every human had the secret to ageless, youthful skin right in their very own veins?

“Vampire face-lifts” are apparently the next big thing in cosmetic treatments, as people are heading to doctors’ offices to have their own blood extracted, then de-plateleted by a spin in a centrifuge and injected back into their face in order to reduce the age of fine lines and wrinkles. The system is called Selphyl and is reportedly being used by about 300 doctors in the U.S.

Sure, it sounds gross, but it’s not really any stranger than injecting neurotoxins or fat into your skin, is it?

Oh, except that according to the New York Times, it hasn’t actually been approved or cleared by the F.D.A. And the vamp-lift, which hasn’t been scientifically proven to work, “costs $900 to $1,500 for a procedure that takes less than a half-hour.” Which is definitely gross. (via New York Times)

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