Luxury Duds for Dogs: Apparently, a Recession-Proof Fashion Trend

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This spring, it’s not about who you’re wearing. It’s not about where you got it. It’s about what your dog is sporting.

Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere adopted a chocolate lab last year, which inspiring him to add some doggie couture to his 2011 collection. Made of of calfskin and vegetal leather, Balenciaga’s fluorescent rose, yellow, green and orange leashes will only cost you $275 to $295 each. Don’t forget the matching collar, which we bet will retail for a fashionable price as well.

Fancy $2000 plus Louis Vuitton dog carriers are so last season: We want our dogs to match our clothing decadence. If the faux fur on this $65 Juicy Couture trench coat won’t cut it, Chien Bizarre is making mink coats for your pooch. The cowl neck, turtle neck or hooded shawls makes your pet look like a blood thirsty creature who has managed to slaughter something twice his or her size, and just like in Silence of the Lambs, is now rejoicing in the fact it can dance around in the carcass’ skin while you put the lotion on yourself.

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You have to inquire about the price, but nothing is too expensive for your precious little one. One downside you’ll have to ignore: Mink coats are likely to cause your dog to overheat and become dehydrated, as the Humane Society of New York explained to the NY Daily News.

The author's dog, decked out — for medical reasons.

But, alas, fashion is pain – or in this case, an emergency trip to the vet.

Being fair, some small dogs need the extra warmth because they don’t have enough body fat or have managed to scratch off all their belly hair because of allergies, like my dog Roscoe at right.

But, as you can tell from his face, he’s much rather be running free than stuck in some ridiculous outfit.

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