Reading While Eating for March 10: Two-Headed Siamese Tortoise and Breast Milk Ice Cream’s Return

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Young men covered in oil and ash stand on a street in San Martin Tilcajete, near Oaxaca March 8, 2011. The men paint themselves to ward off evil spirits in this century-old tradition during a festival before Lent and Ash Wednesday.

REUTERS/Jorge Luis Plata

Thursday’s links feature a pint-sized buzzer beater and a movie about inflatable floats.

#winning Applicants: Did you apply to be Charlie Sheen’s intern? You weren’t alone. The booted Two and a Half Men star received over 74,000 applications. Is this a sign of the harsh economy or a celebrity obsession?

Baby Gaga Ice Cream’s Back: British health authorities have allowed breast milk ice cream to go back on the market. It’s still unclear who will shell out around $22 for the lemon zest and vanilla flavored dessert. (NPR)

Little Buzzer-Beater: Think you had game in elementary school? Probably not as much as this third grader who tossed a game-winning, full-court shot (Urlesque)

Royal Flier: Prince Harry, third in line for the British throne, has completed the 10-month training program to fly Apache attack helicopters. The prince has expressed interest to return to Afghanistan as a pilot. (CBS News)

Two Heads, One Shell: A Slovakian Turtle, Magdalena (one head Magda, the other Lena), is preparing for life in the limelight with her two heads and five legs. Creepy or cool? (Telegraph)

Macy’s the Movie: Producers have a movie based on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the works. Finally, the giant Snoopy float can be seen in its complete grandeur on the big-screen. (Consumerist)

Hitler’s Lover’s Shocking Life: See rare photos of Eva Braun, Hitler’s long time lover and wife in his final moments. The shots reveal some behaviors the Nazi leader did not condone, such as skinny dipping and dressing in Black Face. (LIFE)

Must See: Five years ago, Noam Galai posted five photos of himself screaming online. The images have appeared everywhere from book covers to T-shirts to billboards. He has received no credit. (Daily What)