It’s Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day: Can You Do It?

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That bright red "unfollow" button beckons.

Even #winning can get old. It’s time to cut the Charlie Sheen cord.

Oh Charlie, we wish we could quit you. We even made you our Lenten sacrifice. But alas, it hasn’t been easy. With tweets showing your good humor toward the LAPD searching your home, you make us want to like you. But it’s time – we have to click that unfollow button.

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And it’s official: the Village Voice is declaring today – yes, right now – “Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter” Day.

After setting the record for the faster Twitter user to reach 1 million followers, Sheen has broken the 2.5 million mark. Do each and every one of his followers care what he has to say? Probably. He’s as entertaining in your timeline as he is over the airwaves, NewsFeed admits.

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But after two weeks of buzz about warlocks and winning, those catchphrases are stale by now. He’ll only keep it up as long as we keep paying attention. Let NewsFeed be the first to click that unfollow button. Will you follow suit? Trust us, it won’t make you any less #winning!